Saturday, April 9, 2016

I am BACK!

Yes!!! I am back with a little different in my life. I am married and have no kids now. Not yet. HAHA

This is the picture took after the proposal then after around half year we have the wedding :)
Most satisfied copy at the below :D
I was taking a photo with Touch group in Malaysia. The outdoor and indoor scene is great!! It is a Botanic Garden in KL at below picture. That is us trying to act cute. HAHA

Ok, just a little updates and now I have been married for almost 2 years. Have a stable life in Malaysia until my husband, D is now having an international assignment in US which I am able to visit him in the US, Texas. That's why I pick up the blog again!! I got soooo much things to share.
Life here, peaceful and the weather is beautiful.

Here are some of the activities we had when we are in Texas.
There are so many lakes here, and you have the try kayaking! so much of fun! We rent double kayak on Rowing Dock in Austin which you can enjoy the beautiful of Lady bird lake.

And next, which you cannot miss it is the tex-mex cuisine and famous BBQ here, Chuy's and Rudy's. Love the both so much! and if you like to go for better place for BBQ, you can try County Line, either on the lake or hill, the view is fantastic!

Meal from Chuy's

And, the BarBQ sauce is great! I think I may probably make another post on the food :)

Another things that we did the most together is pick a running trail either along the lake or a big field. Well you can search it in google and Yelp, there is A LOT of lakes here and you can choose to visit each of it during your weekend. You will see a lot of kids or dogs playing around you in the running trail or park. That is awesome!
Is me eating chips in the park ( I am suppose to run instead of eating > <)

That is pretty much all the activities me and my husband done in Texas. You guys enjoy your weekend!! 

Arie with <3 p="">

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tioman Trip -Part 2, REady for the beach!!

In part 1, I have uploaded the photo before reaching Tioman. Now get ready for the BEACH!!! We were riding a 4 wheel car to another side of the island, Juara village.

When we reach the resort, after check-in the chalet, the first thing I saw is this big size lizard >.<
Okay, after put all out luggage to our rooms, my dear change his outfit to a beach look!! (that is my luffy's hat :D) 

we enjoy this trip very muchhh !!

One more thing, remember to spray mosquitoes repellent before go to the beach !!

 Yeah, our resort looks and the lovely couple ^^V

YEAH, run to the beach!!!

After playing at the beach, we have the dinner which prepared by the resort. Our 5 meals is included in the package that we chose. :) 6 of us, 3 couples 

before the dinner, DAWN 

The dinner is out of our expectation!! We thought there will be the Malay cuisine but is a surprise!! We are so satisfied with the dish here.

Second day, my dear and I plan to see the sunrise but too bad it is raining :(

We were so worry that it will keep raining because today is the day we went for snorkeling. Luckily that the rain stopped after we have our breakfast. 

Okay, after we get our equipment, we are well prepared for snorkeling. YEAH!! (SO EXCITED !!)

The boat stopped at Salang beach which also a very nice place to stay and there are some duty free shop here and we bought a wine and some chocolate here :)

We came back to Juara at around 2 o clock. There is still early right? So we rent a bike to find the ABC cendol and keropok lekor which recommended by people in charge at the resort. 
P.S: the people in the resort are very very friendly!!!

And we bought some burgers to eat HEHE, advertised the burger here.

Our dinner, again! So many dishes for only 6 of us!! 

Show our love :)

 another monring, we walk around at the beach and snap some photo. 

And, my dear and I do the last swimming at the beach, we gonna miss the time so much here!!

Play some pose like the Indian movie :) 

 Snap at the jetty that we were waiting for the ferry at 1 something. 
Finally get into our car :) We are so emo that we need to face the reality, works and studies!! But there is a memorable trip for us because it is the first trip that Ruby and I joined. Hope there will be the second time. *winks* 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Camera : Tioman Trip Part 1

Okay, first of all, is been a while that I didn’t update my activities here. I am still thinking the activities in my life are not that ‘amazing’ but yes, I am back now to show off my photo that I took in this trip with my camera Olympus SZ-30MR.:D
Not the DSLR type or interchangeable camera because my budget. HAHA, anyway I am satisfied with this camera and it is the birthday present from my dearest and this is Digital Camera that he choose for me :)
Oh my god, I get tanned (but I like that : P)
Okay, back to the main point. I just want to share my photo by my little baby Olympus :D
Let's get started!!
This is the photo showed how we arranged our position, of course this lovely couple will have the priority to 'stick' together in this trip : D
 The driver and we will have a navigator beside the driver and it must be the guy's job, So ya, girls just sat beside and enjoyed the trip!!!! (^^V)

First, we went Kluang to have the famous Rail Coffee here.

They are enjoying the Kari puff and coffee.

From Kluang Rail Coffee

Next stop, Waterfall at Kota Tinggi, we found it at the maps we used, (ya we are using the traditional map but not GPS although we have it, we just don't want to rely on the GPS so much) 

Wow, there are a slide !!! *Le is so exciting* 

Nah, there is a must to take a family photo in this wonderful view 

My skill not bad right ?? HAHAHAHAHA, just simply add on some dialogue if not he looked weird with that pose ^-*

tada~~~ This is the photo that I like the most because I just captured in the most random type, freestyle ok? Hehe, anyway I feel like want to add on some dialogue but I just can't get the best one. Let Le think for a while and Le hope can post it in the next post ok?

Ok reached Mersing and it was late evening already. So we just checked in to the hotel and came out for dinner. The owner of a shoes shop put her rabbit on the grass in front of her shop and fed with some green beans. :) 

Here is the snap for the hotel room and it is RM155++ per night per room which the room is for 2 pax. So for us it is quite cheap and the room is not bad also. 

Morning, breakfast time :) the price that stated above is included one breakfast. 

There are eggs, red beans, fried rice, breads and mihun there. of course, tea and coffee or me? ^-*

After breakfast, we went around the city and found the beach at Air Papan. The beach is ok, not so crowded, and someone is playing kite here also. 

Wah, very chok >.<

This is our lunch before we heading to the Jetty at Mersing, FYI , we really can't get a nice restaurant to have our lunch so we just for for KFC. Pity us T.T

Yeah, we were waiting at the Jetty after taking the tickets from people in charged :) ( the cat just slept there when we want to get a sit and it looked steady only when we were beside it O.o) 

So excited at the boat, playing big head captured 

Read carefully before we reached, we left the boat when it reached Tekek and we were to get a ride from Tekek to Juara Kampung by 4 wild car. It was scary!! This is the part one from Tioman trip :) before going to sleep, I just share my bikini photo here for you all ( it is not easy for a Asian girl to wear like this, *shy*) 

P.S : The beach here is awesome!!!!!!