Saturday, April 9, 2016

I am BACK!

Yes!!! I am back with a little different in my life. I am married and have no kids now. Not yet. HAHA

This is the picture took after the proposal then after around half year we have the wedding :)
Most satisfied copy at the below :D
I was taking a photo with Touch group in Malaysia. The outdoor and indoor scene is great!! It is a Botanic Garden in KL at below picture. That is us trying to act cute. HAHA

Ok, just a little updates and now I have been married for almost 2 years. Have a stable life in Malaysia until my husband, D is now having an international assignment in US which I am able to visit him in the US, Texas. That's why I pick up the blog again!! I got soooo much things to share.
Life here, peaceful and the weather is beautiful.

Here are some of the activities we had when we are in Texas.
There are so many lakes here, and you have the try kayaking! so much of fun! We rent double kayak on Rowing Dock in Austin which you can enjoy the beautiful of Lady bird lake.

And next, which you cannot miss it is the tex-mex cuisine and famous BBQ here, Chuy's and Rudy's. Love the both so much! and if you like to go for better place for BBQ, you can try County Line, either on the lake or hill, the view is fantastic!

Meal from Chuy's

And, the BarBQ sauce is great! I think I may probably make another post on the food :)

Another things that we did the most together is pick a running trail either along the lake or a big field. Well you can search it in google and Yelp, there is A LOT of lakes here and you can choose to visit each of it during your weekend. You will see a lot of kids or dogs playing around you in the running trail or park. That is awesome!
Is me eating chips in the park ( I am suppose to run instead of eating > <)

That is pretty much all the activities me and my husband done in Texas. You guys enjoy your weekend!! 

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